Plazma diagnosztika

For decades, experts at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA WIGNER RCP, former KFKI RMKI) work on the physics aspects of controlled fusion, i.e. the most promising large scale climate neutral energy production scheme on the long term. Most of the research activities are implemented through the EUROfusion consortium, the integrated fusion program of the EU, in which Wigner RCP is the national participant nominated by the Hungarian Government. WIGNER’s Plasma Physics Department adopts its own developed technologies to improve, manufacture, and operate state-of-the-art measurement systems in former and present leading plasma and fusion devices in the EU and worldwide: TEXTOR (DE),  JET(EU), MAST(UK), AUG(DE), W7-X(DE), KSTAR(KO), EAST(CN), JT60SA(JP), COMPASS(CZ).

During many years of successful cooperation OMI OPTIKA contributed with design, manufacture and test activities in projects as follows:

– Design and manufacture of a coupled camera and 16 channel APD optical system for the TEXTOR TOKAMAK (2006-2008);

– Design, manufacture and test of 10 pcs of pinhole objectives with 30º FOV for the Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X, 2012) 10-camera overview video system;

– Design of a coupled camera and APD  periscope-like optical system for the EAST Li-beam (2013) diagnostics;

– Design, manufacture and test of a pinhole objective with 80º FOV for the JT-60SA (2018-2019) EDICAM camera system;


Optomechanical design and finished犀利士 optical system with coupled camera and APD optics (without the APD detector)  
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