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UV-C Air purifier with built-in fan


UV-C Purifier with built-in fan

UV-C is a proven disinfection technology which aim is to reduce the concentration of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms present in the air that pose a risk to human health. The UV-C devices operate with a 254 nm dominant wavelength which inactivates the DNA of microorganisms, thus inhibits their growth. The purifiers are primarily recommended for offices, schools, healthcare facilities, waiting rooms, changing rooms in swimmingpools and sport complexes and other closed or poorly ventilated public areas. Since the technology is ozone-free, it can be used safely with human presence.

  • Specifications

⋅ Product number 7-180-000

⋅ Dimensions: 1200x250x150 mm

⋅ Nbr. of fluorescent tube:3 pcs

⋅ UV-C wavelength: 254 nm

⋅ Electrical power: 150 W

⋅ Volume flow: max. 180 m³/h

⋅ Recommended room size: 15 - 60 m² (45 - 180 m³)

⋅ Mounting: on the side wall

⋅ Weight: ~ 10 kg

⋅ STP file:
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