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RGB filters:

Current image sensors can only detect light intensity, not colour. In order to perceive a colour image, colour filters (Colour Filter Array - CFA) are needed.

Colour filters only allow light of one wavelength, only red light passes through the red colour filter, the rest is absorbed by the filter. A filter of different colours is placed on the surface of the image sensor. Generally, the three primary colours are used for filters, i.e. red, green and blue (R,G,B).

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General description:

Interference filters are based on the phenomenon of light interference. The light of a given wavelength passing through them is amplified, and the light intensity of other wavelength ranges is weakened or extinguished.

They are used when we want to select a relatively narrow band from the light with a continuous spectrum. We have to isolate a line appearing at a specific wavelength from exciting light with a linear spectrum. Their transmittance depends on the angle of incidence of the incident light.

Megrendelési számCsatlakozó méret (mm)RGB szűrő mérete(mm)Nettó ár
4-000-000M25.5 x 0.524 x 2
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