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Longpass filters

Light rays of higher wavelengths can  pass through. They are usually characterised by a sharp peak. They are used in fluorescence microscopy and dichroic mirrors as emission filters.

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Longpass filters

General description:

Interference filters are based on the phenomenon of light interference. The light of a given wavelength passing through the longpass filters is amplified, and the light intensity of other wavelength ranges is weakened or extinguished.

These type of filters are used when we want to select a relatively narrow band from the light with a continuous spectrum. We have to isolate a line appearing at a specific wavelength from exciting light with a linear spectrum. Their transmittance depends on the angle of incidence of the incident light.

Megrendelési számCsatlakozó méret (mm)“Vágási” hullámhossz(nm)Nettó ár
4-206-040M25.5 x 0.5IR830
4-206-060M25.5 x 0.5IR830
4-210-025M27 x 0.55IR780
4-210-030M27 x 0.5IR808
4-210-040M27 x 0.5IR830
4-216-015M30.5 x 0.5IR830
4-226-010M52 x 0.75IR830
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  • With or without a metric thread socket
  • standard metric polarizing filter sizes
  • polar filter foils: up to A4 size
  • in different sizes: M25x0.5, ... M37x0.5, ... M72x0.75
  • at different "cutoff" wavelengths
  • operation of high-pass filters as a function of wavelength and transmission
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