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Bar Lights

LED line lights for direct illumination of objects, inscriptions on objects, labels or objects passing in front of sensors. Direct line lighting is a special lighting used in industrial image processing systems.

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Megrendelési számVilágító felület (mm)Befoglaló méretek-SzxMaxMé (mm)Megvilágított felület / Light field sizeMeghajtásSzínAdatlapNettó ár
3-012-0001210 x 301210 x 75 x 3824V DCInfra3-012-000.pdf
3-013-0001410 x 601410 x 75 x 7424V DCInfra3-013-000.pdf
3-013-6001010 x 601010 x 75 x 7424V DCInfra3-013-600.pdf
3-040-0001800 x 141840 x 50 x 65~1900 x 50
~2000 x 100
~2150 x 170
24V DC (7A / 168W)Fehér3-040-000_HU-EN.pdf
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  • white, UV, blue, green, red or infrared (NIR) light
  • power supply: 12VDC, 24 VDC or current generator drive (please specify when ordering)
  • can be ordered with a standard or triggerable power supply
  • continuous or pulse mode (power dependent)
  • extra long life
  • robust, anodized aluminum or plastic housing
  • can be used in industrial environment
  • custom size or design can be ordered
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