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SPOT Lights

Single LED lights. High brightness, passively cooled LED lights with a wide range of uses.

Typical areas of use:

– product, workpiece lighting
– illumination for laboratory tests
– illumination with measurements and calibrations
– illumination microscopic examinations
– illumination of local work surfaces
– illumination of workpieces to be processed, e.g.: on cutting machines (“Machine lamp”)

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Megrendelési szám/
Product Number
Szabad átmérő/
Free Aperture (mm)
Befoglaló méretek/
Dimensions (mm)
3D modell/
3D Model
Nettó ár/
3-402-022Ø22Ø25 x 50max. 700mAIR (850nm)3-402-022_HU-EN.pdf
3-402-039Ø22Ø25 x 50max. 700mAVörös3-402-039.pdf
3-402-042Ø22Ø25 x 50max. 700mAKék3-402-042.pdf
3-402-043Ø22Ø25 x 50max. 700mANeutrál fehér3-402-043_HU-EN.pdf
3-402-044Ø22Ø25 x 50max. 700mAUV (365 nm)3-402-044.pdf
3-402-045Ø22Ø25 x 50max. 700mAZöld3-402-045.pdf
3-402-052Ø22Ø25 x 50max. 700mAKék (420 nm)3-402-052_HU-EN.pdf
3-403-000Ø22Ø25 x 50max. 2 x 350mARGB3-403-000.pdf
3-405-000Ø22Ø25 x 50max. 2 x 350mARG3-405-000.pdf
3-408-000Ø40Ø45 / Ø50,8 x 761000mA / 13W (LED)

24V DC (ventilátor)
Neutrál fehér3-408-000_HU-EN.pdf
3-430-000Ø38100 x 106 x 98LED:
2300mA (51W)

24V DC (3,5W)
Fehér (4000K)3-430-000_HU-EN.pdf
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  • LED power: max 3W
  • beam angle: 10°, 30°, 50° or 10 x 50°
  • white, UV, blue, green, yellow, red or infrared (NIR) light
  • power supply: current generator drive
  • can be ordered with a standard or triggerable power supply
  • continuous or pulse mode (power dependent)
  • extra long life time
  • compact size, anodized aluminum housing with passive cooling
  • size: ø25 x 50 mm
  • mounting with M4 screw or semi-rigid throat tube
  • cable outlet on the side or hidden in the throat tube
  • IP65 version on request
  • can be used well in industrial environments
Megrendelési szám/
Product Number
3D modell/
3D model
Nettó ár/
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