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Self-adhesive fluorescent foil

The purpose of using Midopt fluorescent film is to assist in achieving the backlighting effect with front lighting in case of applications with limited space. Unlike traditional backlighting techniques, this technology does not require a light source placed behind the object being examined. The backlighting effect is achieved by combining orange fluorescent film with blue LED light and an orange filter placed in the light path. When the film is illuminated with blue LED light from the front, it emits orange fluorescent light. The filter allows orange radiation to pass through and blocks the blue LED excitation light, resulting in a contrast image on a bright diffuse background.

We offer the system with OMI's own manufactured blue LED lighting and our own orange filter, along with Midopt FluoreSHEET fluorescent film. Request a quote according to your specific needs!
Bandpass filter
BF590 Fluorescent foil
  • Size: 8,5''x11'' /11''x14'' /11''x17''
  • Contourable for curved surfaces
  • Suitable for fixing multiple elements
  • Self-adhesive
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof and tear resistant
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