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Coaxial Lights

Coaxial Lights

The LED coaxial light provides homogeneous, diffuse, axial illumination for examining shiny surfaces.

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Megrendelési szám/
Product Number
DesignationVilágító felület/
Active Surface (mm)
Befoglaló méretek/
Dimensions (mm)
Megvilágított terület / Light field size (mm)Meghajtás/
Nettó ár/
3-301-000Coaxial LED Light30 x 3090 x 40 x 40 ~30 x 3012V DCVörös3-301-000.pdf
3-304-000Coaxial LED Light100 x 50110 x 100 x 60~100 x 5024V DCVörös3-304-000.pdf
3-305-000Coaxial LED Light with protective glass30 x 3090 x 40 x 40~30 x 3012V DCVörös3-305-000.pdf
3-305-600Coaxial LED Light with protective glass on both sides30 x 3090 x 40 x 40~30 x 3012V DC
3-305-800Coaxial LED Light with protective glass34 x 3490 x 40 x 40~34 x 3412 V DC
3-310-600Coaxial LED Light for fluorescent applications30 x 30110 x 40 x 40>30 x 301000mA (LED)

24V (FAN)
Kék (420 nm)3-310-600.pdf
3-310-650Coaxial LED Light for fluorescent applications30 x 30110 x 40 x 40>30 x 302 x 1000mA (LED)

24V DC (FAN)
Kék (420 nm)3-310-650_HU-EN.pdf
3-320-600Coaxial LED Light for fluorescent applications29 x 73110 x 80 x 40>29 x 732 x 1000mA (LED)

24V DC (FAN)
Kék (420 nm)3-320-600_HU-EN.pdf
3-330-600Coaxial LED Light for fluorescent applications100 x 100184 x 114 x 112>100 x 100 4 x 1200 mA (LED)

24V DC (FAN)
Kék (420 nm)3-330-600_HU-EN.pdf

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  • Twhite, UV, blue, green, red or infrared (NIR) light
  • power supply: 12VDC, 24 VDC or current generator drive (please specify when ordering)
  • can be ordered with a standard or triggerable power supply
  • continuous or pulse mode (power dependent)
  • extra long life
  • robust, anodized aluminum or plastic housing
  • can be used in industrial environment
  • custom size or design can be ordered
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