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Focusable collimator for scope adjustment

Focusable Collimator for Scope Adjustment

  • Focusable collimator for optical measurements requiring infinite or finite distance setting.

Technical Details

  • Distance Range: ∞ - 27 m
  • Objective Lens: AR coated air spaced achromatic doublet
  • Dimensions: 1160 x 280 x 395 mm
  • Aluminium profile construction
  • Power Input: Switched-mode power supply 24VDC / 40W
Adjustable object distance
Distance Range: ∞ - 27 m
1160 x 280 x 395 mm
3DoF test bench positioning
1 x translational motion with lead screw
2 x rotational motion with adjustment screws
Precision focusing mechanism
16x10 precision ball screw, linear guide system
70/500 objective lens
70/500 AR coated air spaced achromatic doublet
RGBW reticle illumination
Separate switches for color selection; adjustable brightness

Principle of Operation

A collimator is an optical device used for producing a beam of parallel rays. It consists of an objective lens fitted in a tube and an illuminated reticle placed at its focal plane. In this setting the image of the reticle is projeted at infinity (Diagram 1).

A focusable collimator allows for slight adjustments between the position of the objective lens and that of the reticle along the optical axis – thus providing the option to create setups where the image is projected at finte distances:

By moving the reticle away from the objective lens the rays leaving the reticle are focused by the optics on the opposite side forming a real image (Diagram 2).

Conversely, moving the reticle towards the objective lens results in a diverging beam and a virtual image at the apparent origin of the rays (Diagram 3).

When using the collimator for evaluation of parallax error in riflescopes it is operated in this third setting – that is the virtual image of the reticle is observed through the eyepiece and serve as a reference for parallax correction. 
Diagram 1: Infinite distance setting
Diagram 2: Finite distance setting - real image
Diagram 3: Finite distance setting - virtual image


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