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Shortpass (filtering out infrared rays):

Light sources usually emit a wide spectrum, only a part of which is the visible range. Therefore, thermal filters are often placed in front of the optical systems, which protect the detectors from harmful waves (e.g. monochrome camera). It does not allow light rays with wavelengths higher than visible light.
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General description:

Interference filters are based on the phenomenon of light interference. The light of a given wavelength passing through the longpass filters is amplified, and the light intensity of other wavelength ranges is weakened or extinguished.

Shortpass filters are used when we want to select a relatively narrow band from the light with a continuous spectrum. We have to isolate a line appearing at a specific wavelength from exciting light with a linear spectrum. Their transmittance depends on the angle of incidence of the incident light.

Megrendelési számCsatlakozó méret (mm)Infraszűrő mérete(mm)Nettó ár
4-206-003M25.5 x 0.520 x 2
4-206-020M25.5 x 0.522.5 x 2
4-210-010M27 x 0.524 x 2
4-215-000M27 x 0.5ø50
4-220-006M40.5 x 0.5ø50
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  • With or without a metric thread socket
  • in different sizes: M25x0.5, ... M37x0.5, ... M72x0.75
  • at different "cutoff" wavelengths
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