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Polariscope (OMI 8-009-000)

A polariscope is an optical instrument suitable to study the polarisation of light. One of its main applications is the detection of residual internal stresses in glass and other transparent materials after forming.

The OMI 8-009-000 polariscope is specifically designed for quality control of flattened ends of incandescent lamps. The pattern, illuminated by a built-in LED light source, can be observed through the eyepiece, for which a comfortable viewing position is provided by an aluminium profile stand designed for desktop use.

Technical Details
  • examination through the eyepiece
  • for voltage testing of the flattened end of filament lamps
  • field of view: ~ Ø10mm
  • rotatable polarizer-analyzer with position fixation
  • matched nest for easy insertion of test pieces
  • aluminium profile mounted on a support stand for stable fixing
  • 20 degree tilted arrangement for practical viewing direction
  • white LED light source with 230VAC
  • adapter-type power supply
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