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Test Targets

Test Targets


Photolitographic Test Targets:

  • High precision Photolitographic Test Targets on glass substrate used for calibrating imaging systems.
Technical Details
  • Technology: Chrome-on-Glass
  • Max. size: 80x80mm
  • Smallest Feature: 1µm
  • Accuracy: <2µm (at 80mm length, 22°C)
  • Substrate Thickness: 1.5mm or 2.25mm
  • Edge Finish: Cut or ground

Large Calibration Targets:

  • Calibration Targets printed on white foil or transparent film used mainly for evaluating optical systems or as a reference for compensation of image distiortions.
Technical Details
  • Max. size: ~1800mm in one direction
  • Smallest Feature: ~0.2mm
  • Accuracy: <0.2mm
  • Optional support: Aluminium plastic composite sheet with aluminium frame
Custom substrate on demand.

Scales, reticles, etc.:

Highly accurate custom chrome patterns on glass substrate used for optical purposes.

– linear or circular scales for optical instruments
– reticles for scopes
– Pinholes and slits for optical instruments
Technical Details
  • Max. size: 80x80mm
  • Smallest Feature: 1µm
  • Substrate Thickness: 1.5mm or 2.25mm
  • Finish: ground strait edges or cylindrical grinding for circular shape
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