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Ring Lights

Direct illuminaton with circularly arranged LEDs optimized for a specific working distance. Product range includes Low Angle types for short distances as well as narrow beam illuminators intended for applications where getting close to the object is not possible.

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Product NumberDesignationFree Aperture (mm)Dimensions (mm)Light field size (mm)InputLuminous Flux (lm)ColourDatasheet3D modelPrice
3-052-000LED Ring LightØ35Ø65 x 2524V DCFehér / White
3-052-050LED Ring LightØ35Ø65 x 2524V DCVörös / Red
3-053-000LED Ring LightØ52Ø118 x 2924V DCFehér / White
3-054-000LED Ring LightØ60Ø100 x 3024V DCVörös / Red
3-055-000Segmented LED Ring LightØ20Ø50 x 27~Ø20 @ WD=50mm24V DC
Vörös / Red3-055-000.pdf
3-056-000LED Ring LightØ40Ø80 x 30 ~Ø60 @ WD=100mm24V DCHidegfehér / Cold white3-056-000.pdf
3-056-620LED Ring LightØ40Ø80 x 30~Ø150 @ WD=500mm24V DCHidegfehér / Cold white3-056-620.pdf
3-056-680LED Ring LightØ40Ø80 x 30~Ø150 @ WD=250mm24V DCHidegfehér / Cold white3-056-680.pdf
3-056-690LED Ring LightØ40Ø80 x 30~Ø40 @ WD=50mm24V DCVörös / Red3-056-690.pdf
3-057-000LED Ring LightØ60Ø100 x 29~Ø150 @ WD=250mm24V DC
190 lmHidegfehér / Cold white3-057-000.pdf
3-057-600LED Ring LightØ60Ø100 x 29~Ø120 @ WD=250mm24V DCKék / Blue3-057-600.pdf
3-058-000Low Angle LED Ring LightØ50Ø80 x 2024V DC
220 lmFehér / White3-058-000.pdf
3-058-030Low Angle LED Ring LightØ50Ø80 x 2024V DC
90 lmVörös / Red3-058-030_HU-EN.pdf
3-058-060Low Angle LED Ring LightØ50Ø80 x 2024V DC
50 lmKék / Blue3-058-060_HU-EN.pdf
3-058-200Low Angle LED Ring LightØ70Ø100 x 2024V DC
Fehér / White3-058-200_HU-EN.pdf
3-059-000Oval-shaped LED Ring LightØ4586 x 64 x 27~15 x 50 @ WD=30mm24V DCUV 3-059-000.pdf
3-060-000LED Ring LightØ45Ø100 x 30~Ø100 @ WD=150mm24V DC
270 lmFehér / White3-060-000.pdf
3-061-000LED Ring LightØ45Ø100 x 30 ~Ø300 @ WD=500mm24V DCInfra3-061-000.pdf
3-062-000LED Ring LightØ45Ø75 x 2924V DCFehér / White
3-063-000LED Ring LightØ50Ø80 x 30~Ø50 @ WD=100mm24V DC
UV (365 nm)3-063-000_HU-EN.pdf
3-064-000LED Ring LightØ40Ø80 x 24~Ø70 @ WD=300mm24V DCFehér / White3-064-000.pdf
3-065-000LED Ring LightØ50Ø102 x 30~Ø80 @ WD=200mm24V DCFehér / White3-065-000.pdf
3-080-000LED Ring LightØ50Ø70 x 22~Ø100 @ WD=200mm12V DCVörös / Red3-080-000.pdf
3-080-600LED Ring LightØ50Ø70 x 22~Ø100 @ WD=200mm24V DC
Fehér / White3-080-600.pdf
3-082-020LED Ring LightØ60150 x 150 x 30 ~Ø50 @ WD=110mm24V DCInfra3-082-020.pdf
3-459-000High Power LED Ring Light
Ø70Ø139 x 452 x 700mA
1900 lmFehér / White3-459-000.pdf
3-459-600High Power LED Ring Light
Ø70Ø145 x 372 x 300mA1600 lmFehér / White
3-460-000High Power LED Ring Light
Ø50Ø90 x 21~Ø350 @ WD=200mm2 x 400 mA
Fehér / White3-460-000_HU-EN.pdf
3-461-600High Power LED Ring Light
Ø30Ø115 x 58~Ø40 @ WD=86mm700mA
3-462-000High Power LED Ring Light
Ø48Ø130 x 98~Ø100 @ WD=350mm
~Ø350 @ WD=1200mm
2 x 950mA
4200 lmFehér / White (4000k) 3-462-000_HU-EN.pdf
3-462-100High Power LED Ring Light
Ø48Ø130 x 98~Ø100 @ WD=700mm
~Ø350 @ WD=3000mm
2 x 950mA
2400 lmFehér / White (4000k)3-462-100_HU-EN.pdf
3-462-200High Power LED Ring Light
Ø48Ø130 x 98~Ø100 @ WD=200mm
~Ø300 @ WD=800mm
2 x 950mA
4200 lmFehér (4000k)3-462-200_HU-EN.pdf
3-463-000High Power LED Ring Light
Ø45Ø100 x 28~Ø180 @ WD=100mm
~Ø280 @ WD=200mm
2 x 350mA max. (CW)

2 x 700mA max. (PWM)
UV (365 nm)3-463-000_HU-EN.pdf
  • - Send your request for a quote to office@omi-optika.hu by clicking on the button next to the product, after filling in the required data or - if it is more convenient - from your own account.
  • white, UV, blue, green, red or infrared (NIR) light
  • power supply: 12VDC, 24 VDC or current generator drive (please specify when ordering) 
  • can be ordered with a standard or triggerable power supply
  • continuous or pulse mode (power dependent)
  • extra long life 
  • robust, anodized aluminum or plastic housing  
  • can be used in industrial environment 
  • custom size or design can be ordered
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