Our recently published article in the ‘Élet és Tudomány’ weekly magazine.

An article has been published in the ‘Élet és Tudomány’ weekly magazine about the color-space chromatics demonstration that has been accessible in the Great Market Hall since 2015.

In 2015, as part of the International Year of Light, events were organized worldwide to highlight the importance of light and related technologies in our daily lives. In Budapest’s Great Market Hall, the Hungarikum Street was established in the basement during the same year. Walking through it, visitors can explore one of the most significant Hungarian discoveries of recent times—the Gömböc mathematical shape. The corridor showcases Hungary’s most famous products, while the staircase introduces visitors to the country’s wine regions. Additionally, in celebration of the Year of Light, the Color-Space installation is also featured here, aiming not only to provide visual delight but also to promote education and awareness.

Alongside the article, a compilation video showcasing the chromatic phenomena presented in the Central Market Hall is available on the OMI’s YouTube channel.

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