Szelényi's Color wheel

In the fall of 2023, a 1.6x1.6m version of the Szelényi´s Color Wheel was installed on the second-floor corridor of the MOME TWO building as a gift from Károly Szelényi and G. Szabó István. The three-layer color wheel allows anyone to adjust and study various color contrasts based on Goethe's principles. The color circle consists of 12 colors positioned at 30° intervals from each other. In the default position, the identical colors of the three wheels are seen one behind the other, representing 0° in the window. By rotating the wheels, various color relationships and contrasts can be set. The bottom wheel always remains in the same position, with the I. color (yellow) appearing at the top. Instructions for using the wheel can be downloaded in PDF format from here.

A detailed description and visual explanation of the Color Wheel and the related Color Space installation can be found here (XV. Lux et Colors Vesprimiensis conference 2016, Veszprém).

The small-sized version of the Color Wheel can be purchased on our online store.

The description of the Color Space installation associated with the Color Wheel, located in the Central Market Hall in Budapest, can be accessed here.

Szelényi's Color wheel at MOME TWO

Fundamental principles related to color theory

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